Testimonials-Ultimate Edge Group

Testimonials-Ultimate Edge Group


Expectional service

When we decided to renovate our house, we were worried that we would be scammed by another contractor as, we experienced in the past. What stood out for us right from the start was that Byron, knocked on all of our neighbor's doors. Introduced himself and gave them his business card and told them that if there was any issues to please call him directly and he would resolve it within the hour. His service and quality workmanship is well worth the money spent. Our house looks amazing. I highly recommend him and his team. - Trevor N

Great work done thank you Byron and team for the our renovations the house is looking unbelievable - Damian M

Best designs ever, absolutely perfect to the T - Paballo P

A construction company worth its salt

We are a project management company that prides itself on delivering great projects. Ultimate Edge Concepts not only gave us the confidence to deliver on time and with great quality workmanship but they made out project pleasurable. They went out of their way during the Covid crisis to attend to some issues that others stayed away from. They came to the party, rolled up their sleeves and worked late nights to get us back on track. Huge thank you to Byron who drove our project to the finish line. A special thank you to the ladies in his office who were valuable in their support and their late nights assisting us. - Jim B